Disco D/Various A Night at the Booty Bar

If you are an uptight type that gets put off by dirty words, then please stay the fuck away from Disco D’s major label debut. Yep, you heard me — major label! Detroit’s ghetto-tech wonderboy is bringing his booty-fied beats to the masses. Predating mash-ups, ghetto-tech essentially cross-breeds hip-hop a cappella with Miami bass, booty house, Detroit techno, drum & bass and turntablism — then ramps up the RPMs and douses it all with bodily fluids. This mix disc, the first since D’s 2001 breakthrough Straight Out Tha Trunk, is designed as a sampler for his monthly New York party "Booty Bar.” Along with his own low-end yet over-the-top productions, D scratches together tracks by Booty Bar partner DJ Profit, remixes of songs by Princess Superstar and Cash Money Millionaire BG, and classics like DJ Assault’s "Ass’n’Tities” and Lords of Acid’s "Pussy.” Anchored by his signature chant "Disco D / big fat pimp / dick stay hard / never get limp,” the young, white Jewish DJ also known as Dave Shayman takes the most excessively sexed-up, blinged-out rap he can find and then, after chugging a 40oz of malt techno, he taps that ass. (Tommy Boy)