DillanPonders Acid Reign

DillanPondersAcid Reign
If you're looking to take a psychedelic hip-hop trip, Acid Reign is the album that will provide you with the experience. Despite its twist and turns, the album is smooth, top to bottom, with heavy production in true DillanPonders style. There are no features, a trend that's growing throughout the hip-hop community. However, the array of producers present here achieve a similar goal and aesthetic, lending Acid Reign a sense of cohesion.
The album is about self-discovery and harnessing ones' identity to grow and thrive. DillanPonders invites us to appreciate his evolution as an artist and human being as we hear about the rapper's shrinking social circle, his increasing business ventures and his budding relationship. For the most part, nothing is off limits, which allows him to easily switch between subjects easily.
While every song is worth a listen, "Hercules" is especially noteworthy, as its slow tempo contrasts with the generally upbeat album. Similarly, "Mandem" is laid-back but serves as a powerful anthem for brotherhood. If you're familiar with DillanPonders, you know that he likes to keep things blunt, which is his strength throughout Acid Reign. (Smashmouth Entertainment Inc.)