Diamond Rings Free Dimensional

Diamond RingsFree Dimensional
When John O'Regan first posted his video for "All Yr Songs" in 2009 under the moniker Diamond Rings, it was evident that he was brimming with new ideas and directions that he wanted to explore beyond being a frontman of a rock band. An album and multiple tours later, O'Regan is back with his second album, Free Dimensional, which distils all his pop rock ambitions into something with a clearer vision, stronger sound and hooks that are even catchier than his first record, Special Affections. Free Dimensional is infectiously positive, building off of similar foundations as his previous tracks while boasting a fuller, more dynamic sound, thanks to O'Regan's better understanding of synth-pop hooks and the help of producer Damian Taylor (Robyn, Björk, Austra). Diamond Rings has evolved past its '80s glam-pop melodies into a new era of electronic music that's still shimmering with boisterous pop, but introduces new dimensions into its already packed bag of tricks, including a rap verse or two. In many cases, that wouldn't work, but in O'Regan's anything-is-possible, self-esteem-touting universe, he can do whatever he wants and we will happily sing and dance along. (Secret City)