Devon Welsh "Me and Alan Vega"

Devon Welsh "Me and Alan Vega"
Following this weekend's news that musical innovator Alan Vega has died, former Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh has issued a tribute to the proto-punk icon. The piece is titled "Me and Alan Vega."

While uploaded today (July 17) over Bandcamp, a statement from Welsh explains that the song was written and recorded a few years back.

"Suicide has been very inspiring and influential to me ever since I first heard their music," Welsh wrote. "I made this song in 2011 but never released it, I feel like posting it as a small tribute!"

The song makes reference to Vega and Suicide, with the bed of dream baby synths also finding an especially slack and gravelly Welsh also reporting on personal timelines, love and more.

To paraphrase the tune, do join Welsh by filling your cup with diet soda and thinking of Vega's legacy with Suicide. The tribute is streaming below.