Defeater Detail Epitaph Records Debut, Premiere Video

Defeater Detail Epitaph Records Debut, Premiere Video
Boston hardcore unit Defeater announced back in January that they had signed to iconic punk imprint Epitaph Records to deliver their next full-length. It's now been confirmed that the album, titled Abandoned, will come out this summer.

Defeater's fourth studio LP is set to hit stores on August 28. It's explained that, like previous releases, the album focuses on the fictionalized "history of a never-named New Jersey family whose already troubled lives disintegrate into torment."

This latest chapter, which follows 2013's Letters Home for Bridge 9, is "the most relentlessly raw" entry yet, with vocalist Derek Archambault apparently packing a few plot twists into the tale.

"One of the threads running through this record is how people sometimes look for the answers to their problems in the darkest places," he explained in a statement, with the press release going on to add that the lyrics take a look at a Catholic priest battling with "his own poisonous faithlessness" after WWII.

The 11-song outing was recorded at guitarist Jay Maas' studio and is being teased with a video for the set's "Spared in Hell." You'll find the dramatic clip, which balances war-torn scenes with those of the aforementioned embattled priest, beneath the tracklisting info.

Defeater have a number of tour dates coming up, though their travel plans don't include Canada. All the same, you'll find their global itinerary over here.


1. Contrition
2. Unanswered
3. December 1943
4. Spared In Hell
5. Divination
6. Borrowed & Blue
7. Penance
8. Remorse
9. Pillar Of Salt
10. Atonement
11. Vice & Regret