Dee Jay Punk Roc Anarchy in the USA

Mr. Punk Roc is a tall (and often half-naked) wizard of turntable trickery who was once a paratrooper for the American army. His DJing is aggressive and ruff’n’tuff to the point where it is no surprise that he hails from Bedford-Stuyvescent, NY — the Brooklyn land of Jungle Fever and home to some of the best sound-clashes in the U.S. This comp illustrates his style of mashed-up electro-disco-funk-house synthesis plus some techno-y stuff guaranteed to drive little ravers crazy. Only six months after his debut release “Chicken-Eye” this well-explained “70 minutes of non-conformist beat bedlam” is released on the very strong “Mixer Presents” series, well-known to many fans of electronic as the new incarnation of “MixMag presents.” Give Punk Roc two hundred dollars for passing go with the 45 King’s 1988 hit “900#” mixed brilliantly into Stetsasonic’s “Talking All that Jazz” (remixed by DJ Dimitri himself). Also worthy of mention are Trinity Hi-Fi’s “Dinner for One” (a lil’ bit slower but still cool), AKP’s “the Pit” (yes, hip-hop can be pretty) and Floridian breaks king, DJ Huda Hudia’s “Drop the Bass Now,” likely an anthem in the making. With all the media support he is getting, plus the strength of his mixing abilities and production skills, Dee Jay Punk Roc is going to be around for a long time, so you might as well just buy this disc ‘cause it’s going to be a classic pretty soon. (Mixer)