Deathwish Inc. and Mastodon's Brann Dailor Tease Mysterious Planes Mistaken for Stars Project

Deathwish Inc. and Mastodon's Brann Dailor Tease Mysterious Planes Mistaken for Stars Project
Though the nature of the plans remain shady, a new video trailer released today (March 12) by Deathwish Inc. alludes to an upcoming project with reunited hardcore unit Planes Mistaken for Stars.

The video in question is called "Grand but without grace," and it features an audio testimonial from Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor praising an unnamed outfit. He mentions his love for their music, and that "It was extremely upsetting to me when they broke up because I felt like they were poised for greatness, and going to be one of the next big things in heavy music."

Beneath Dailor's praise is the sound of Planes Mistaken for Stars' "Mercy," which is taken from the band's 2006 LP of the same name. Additionally, "grand but without grace" is a line from the song, while the visuals in the video seem to be panning across the visage of the album's illustrated cover star.

Though it's unclear what Deathwish is previewing here, it's possible the label could be plotting out a re-release of the LP, which had been issued by Abacus Recordings. Keep in mind that as of yet, the label has said no such thing. Dailor also mentioned at the tail end of the teaser: "I'm really, really excited that they're back together, and hopefully [we're] going to hear some new music from them soon [and] be able to see them live again."

While plans have yet to be specifically laid out, you can check out the intriguing and cryptic trailer down below.

Planes Mistaken for Stars had initially played together between 1997 and 2008. The band have played shows since 2010, including a tour in 2012, but have not made an album since Mercy. While the band hadn't issued anything through Deathwish Inc. in the past, guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener currently play in Wovenhand, who issued their Refractory Obdurate album through the label in 2014.