Dear Jane, I… Hope This Reaches You in Time

While the music they play may be something of the "flavour du jour” for now, they do it well, and they do it with some serious chutzpah. Rocking the aggressive emo/punk boat for all it’s worth, Toronto locals Dear Jane, I are set to unleash their own brand of Grade-style screamo on a much larger audience thanks to Verona Records and Shane Told of Silverstein, who seems to command the unwavering attention of at least 30 percent of North America’s youth. With the help of producer Julius Butty, whose work with bands such as Navy and Alexisonfire has resulted in some stellar-sounding records, the band have gone far beyond their past work, creating a catchy-as-hell batch of songs that — equally important within the genre — sound like a million bucks. The obvious single of "Wish Black Wishes,” whose insanely hooky quiet verse/driving chorus structure is built to stick in your head for days, seems destined to provide screen name fodder for a generation of 14-year-olds girls. (Ash International)