Dead in the Dirt The Blind Hole

Dead in the DirtThe Blind Hole
Annihilating, bludgeoning and crushing are the ABCs of hype words used by critics to establish the next heavy record as exactly that: heavy. While these verbs would all be appropriate for Dead in the Dirt's debut full-length (following four- and ten-song EPs), they also wouldn't do nearly enough to describe the sonic onslaught held on The Blind Hole's 22 songs. The band's crusty grindcore is, at times, sludgy, almost always fast and ridiculously heavy, in a way that must be heard to be fully understood. Genre greats such as Extreme Noise Terror, Dropdead, Left for Dead and His Hero Is Gone are all touched upon, but the result is distinctly Dead in the Dirt. Subtlety is not in the cards, so the faint of heart, or those craving even the most inconspicuous of melodies, should look elsewhere. If the aforementioned descriptors are the ABCs of sonic mass, the ensuing D should definitely be filled by Dead in the Dirt. (Southern Lord)