Dawn Pemberton

Say Somethin'

Dawn PembertonSay Somethin'
Dawn Pemberton has a smooth and powerful voice. The Vancouver-based singer's debut, Say Somethin', is solid from the production up to the lyrical content. But something is missing, as one would like to get more of a sense of personality and flair throughout the album's ten tracks. A number like "Deeper" evokes a Jill Scott type of vibe, and the guitar groove and sparse lyricism of the title track happen to click.

Still, one would like to see Pemberton really cut loose on head-nodders like "Don't Waste Your Time" or the torchy "Hello Love." The powerful "Freedom Time" comes off as restrained, while the jazzy cover of Hall & Oates is pleasant but perfunctory. Ultimately, Say Somethin' finds Pemberton delivering a pleasantly polished debut effort that has one wondering what else she has up her sleeve. (Do Right!)
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