Daphni Fabriclive 93

DaphniFabriclive 93
Daphni — the club-prioritizing alias of Caribou's Dan Snaith — returns with its first full body of work since the critical acclaim of 2012's JIAOLONG. Initially, the Daphni moniker enabled Snaith to produce tracks strictly intended for his DJ sets. Often "made for the purpose of playing out that weekend," Snaith returns to this functional philosophy with Fabriclive 93.
Fabriclive 93 is composed entirely of new and original material, incorporating 23 new tracks and four edits to mark his return to the Daphni project. As an eclectic fusion of the extremities of Snaith's sonic palette, Fabriclive 93 demonstrates huge diversity. Wordless vocals loftily drape over the erratic and often textural percussion that underscores the otherwise club-driven curation as the eccentric mix moves between funk, Chicago house and Berlin techno — all while maintaining a firm grip on pacing.
Consistent in its constantly evolving pulse, Snaith's contribution to the London club's celebrated mix series features music that was produced specifically to suit the transitions heard in the mix, which Snaith says makes it "essentially a studio recording." Soulful yet sensational, Fabriclive 93 is a consuming mix that marks the intersection of Snaith's dance floor personas — and powerfully so. (Fabric)