Danny Frankel The Vibration of Sound

Danny Frankel's name and magic percussive handwork appears on a vast amount of important recordings: Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Fiona Apple and Victoria Williams. His talents with the drums, bongos, udu, Egyptian tambourines and tabla are noteworthy, as they supersede the boring style that enthusiasts tend to play by adding a certain intuitive character to his rhythms. Alongside contributors such as equally avant-garde players Woody Jackson, Joseph Hammer and Doug Wieselman, Frankel leads the listener on a surrealistic and minimalist nightmare world of sound that is meant to make one face the darkest of moments. What is highly peculiar is that a constant rhythm is not always at play, instead room tones are introduced at many times and one could swear that the instruments they play morph into insects, because their tonal character is emphasised in such a way that sounds slither and creak inside, on top of and around the speakers. The Vibration of Sound is a healing listen indeed. (True Classical)