Cursed Front-man Launches New Label

Cursed Front-man Launches New Label
Cursed front-man Chris Colohan has revealed plans for his newly launched record label, High Anxiety 416.

According to, Colohan already has three EPs lined up for imminent release, including one by Crux of Aux, featuring members of Cursed and reissues of the Kittens discography. In a statement he said:

"After wanting to do it for so many years, I'm finally getting around to starting up a small record label to put out mainly (but not exclusively) 7" vinyl, of mainly (but not exclusively) Toronto-area bands and friends' bands. High Anxiety 416 records will be distributed exclusively by No Idea Records worldwide - so any store, distro or individual will be able to get it cheaply and reliably from them. The first 3 EPs in the works are:

Living Darkness (Toronto) - S/T EP
Our Father - (Toronto) - EP
Crux of Aux (members of Cursed) EP

And up ahead (this fall/winter):

Cheap Tragedies - (Clevo Erba-Core) 7"
Lullabye Arkestra - (Toronto, Constellation Records)
Kittens (Winnipeg, 1990's) - Discography
Ruination- final sessions 7" (with extras)
...and some other Cursed-related projects.

Once I can get some records out and everything rolling, I'm hoping to eventually publish several of the books I've been working on for years now: 9 Lives, This Highway Never Fucking Ends, and yes, holy fuck - Other People's Girlfriends.

So that's it. Most of the bands listed above have Myspace pages, check them out - but I don't use it myself. So there won't be a Myspace for High Anxiety 416, but there will be a website up this fall that you can access through the Cursed site."

In other news, according to their label Goodfellow Records, Cursed's third full-length, tentatively titled III, is expected in early 2008.

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