Cult Of Luna Eternal Kingdom

In keeping with the ungainly and overbearing power of 2006’s Somewhere Along The Highway, Sweden’s Cult Of Luna further hone their Neurosis-inspired metalcore into a progressive beast rich with time changes, dynamic intervals and a general sense of apocalyptic beauty. Ranging in scope from the lengthy and complex "Ghost Trail” through to the somewhat ephemeral (by their standards) "Ugin,” Eternal Kingdom is an all-encompassing blast of patiently unfolding torment. Progressive and slow without seeming sluggish or uneventful, it’s a bold step forward, especially when considering the entire album is centred on the dark tale of a man rationalizing drowning his wife. Taken from a diary found at the band’s rehearsal space, of all places, this unnerving plot is the perfect focal point for Cult Of Luna to drop their eerie, imposing post-metal over, intensifying the results. (Earache)