Cowboy Junkies The Wilderness

Cowboy JunkiesThe Wilderness
This is the final instalment of The Nomad Series, a musically adventurous and compelling four-album set from these prolific veterans. Stylistically it is the record that most adheres to the sound most typically associate with Cowboy Junkies. And there's nothing wrong with that, given the addictive qualities of their subtly eloquent melancholy. Michael Timmins wrote these songs in a rural cottage over an Ontario winter and that setting is reflected in their meditative and introspective nature. As ever, they are brought to life by the restrained, yet haunting vocals of Margo Timmins and the high-calibre musicianship of the Junkies and guest instrumentalists Joby Baker, Jeff Bird, Miranda Mulholland, Michael Davidson, Jesse O'Brien and Matt Bailey. There's shimmering, stark beauty to songs like "Damaged from the Start," the mandolin-inflected "Fairytale" and "Angels in the Wilderness" that suggests sunlight reflecting off a frozen pond. The Wilderness ends on a comparatively raucous note, with "Fuck, I Hate the Cold," a sentiment their compatriots can all relate to. This is a fine finale to an impressive artistic achievement.

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