City and Colour Sometimes

As the recognisable crooning voice behind the wailing and screaming of screamo poster boys Alexisonfire, Dallas Green’s solo project, City and Colour, possess the instantly appreciated quality of an unobstructed look at one of the strongest set of vocal chords to emerge from Southern Ontario. For some time, Green has been selling his solo work on CD-Rs at Alexis shows, and the release of this, his first proper solo full-length, has been greatly anticipated by fans of his full-time musical work. And while the record doesn’t exactly disappoint, it just barely lives up to its potential. Drowning in emo stereotypes and painful lyrical imagery, songs such as "In the Water I Am Beautiful” would have been better off never leaving the bedroom. On the other hand, gems exist such as "Save Your Scissors,” which offer the perfect showcase for Green’s talents as a brilliant vocalist, an unbelievable guitar player and a relevant songwriter. (Chainsaw Safety)