Christopher Willits Returns with Tiger Flower Circle Sun

Christopher Willits Returns with <i>Tiger Flower Circle Sun</i>
San Francisco-based electronic composer Christopher Willits has created ethereal compositions spread across some 20 albums in the last ten years. Utilizing both guitar and digital processing, Willits stands out among his peers with a unique sound and approach to composition. That's why we're particularly excited about his new full-length due this summer.

The album is called Tiger Flower Circle Sun and will be Willits's second full-length for the venerable Ghostly International label. According to a press release, the record "is his most technologically complex yet - it's also his most organic, drifting skyward in a swell of ambient hums and subtle polyrhythms."

Tiger Flower Circle Sun will get a proper release on July 27. In the meantime, head over to Click Hear to check out the lead single "Sun Body."

Tiger Flower Circle Sun:

1. "Portal"
2. "Sun Body"
3. "Sunlight Is You"

 4. "Green Faces"

 5. "Uplifting The Streets"

 6. "Plant Body"

 7. "New Life"

 8. "The Hands Connect To The Heart"

 9. "The Heart Connects To The Head"

 10. "Intend-Evolve"

 11. "You Are Always Surrounded By Stars"

 12. "Subconscious Transmission"

 13. "Light Into Branches"

 14. "Branches Into Flowers"

 15. "Flowers Into Stardust" (bonus track for CD or download only)