Chris Liebing Evolution

Liebing's latest aural offering of Schranz-style German techno, Evolution, his concept album of original productions, has an apocalyptic theme. In both the prologue and epilogue, the vocals are about non-sustainable technological evolution. This album sounds like the soundtrack for a technologically savvy action film, creating suspense and a beat-the-clock showdown for human survival. "Two and A Half Billion Years” is like a march and "Soulseek” too has a heavy militaristic undertone and percussion similar to heavy metal industrial but it maintains a swinging melodic line. "American Madness” picks up the pace with an energetic kick drum and rolling bass line, lots of mid-ends, a gritty scraping electrical machine-like noise with a driving edge. It is reminiscent of an industrial shop floor, with a dystopic story line. "The Manic Street Preacher” has vocals questioning existence and eerie noises rumbling underneath. "Fires of Hell?” has a very danceable, tribal vibe and you can feel the weight of the heavy bass, snare drums, mid claps and the high distorted synths that make you feel like you're inside a massive club filled with people dancing frenetically. "Paradox Behaviour” has a militant ‘80s punk feel due to the vocals and drum sequencing. Layered tech-y sounds make you want to move, the problem is — at home how many of us abandon ourselves to dance? The intense album may not be great for home listening, but it sure is a nice addition to the tracks in any DJs crates. (CLR)