Chris Liebing Live @ Womb, Tokyo

This mix CD is the first 77 minutes of Liebing’s set at the Womb back in June 2006, and documents the build up of what sounds like a great party. The mix starts off with subdued bass from Rekorder along with cheers from an excited crowd of dancers, with woops and screams that ecstatically puncture this live mix throughout. By the middle of the mix, Liebing moves from less minimal to more involved tracks such as Sleeparchive 5’s "Transposition Reverse” and Alex Under’s "De Dos Realidades,” but actually explodes with Joris Voorn’s "MPX 309.” Liebing uses these selected tracks as a framework for where he would like the mix to generally go, but he recreates the originals as new by modulating and remixing them through a bunch of MIDI controllers and Ableton. Although this mix begins on a more minimal note than Liebing’s last mixes, thus demonstrating his penchant for exploring the different realms of techno, by the end of the mix (the beginning of the height of the party) the BPMs become harder and faster and even take on an industrial edge as Liebing plays out Alex Bau’s seven minutes of "Meaning of Darkness” followed by Liebing’s own remix of Motor’s "Sweatbox.” (CL)