The Choir Practice The Choir Practice

The Choir PracticeThe Choir Practice
Hey, look, another all encompassing, multi-person band from Canada! I guess we’re just so friendly that we can’t say no to anyone who wants to join a band. Combining equal parts of the retro indie pop of other Vancouver-based bands with a more female-centric version of the Polyphonic Spree, the Choir Practice by their very name find their infectious glory in the fun of gang singing. The brainchild of Coco Culbertson, who has done time in the Gay and AC Newman, the joy in this debut is dependent on your tolerance of many voices singing in near-mint harmony about various topics. As for the other instruments, well, there’s some drums and backing guitar but it’s obviously the mass singing that’s key. Sometimes it plods a bit, as on "Pretty,” but at other times it’s pretty awesome, like on the super-catchy "Red Fox,” which also incorporates a faster tempo and handclaps. The overall problem comes from the fact that I really, really wanted to absolutely love this record. I’m a sucker for overlapping voices and exuberant shout-outs but this effort never really takes off. It’s fun, cute (sometimes a bit too much so) and full of lovely moments but the gimmick remains a gimmick. Once more from the top? (Mint)