Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires

James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 14

Charles Bradley and His ExtraordinairesJames St. North, Hamilton ON, September 14
Photo: Shane Parent
The smile never left Charles Bradley's face throughout his entire performance in closing out the sixth edition of Supercrawl. Happy to be in Hamilton after a few delays pushed their set back later into the evening, the "Screaming Eagle of Soul" and his Extraordinaires were very much on top of their game in the soulful send-off. Bradley was without question the star of the show, putting every ounce of his being into his gritty vocals and spirited performance.

Drawing from an arsenal of stage moves that included the robot, the splits and a number of tricks with the mic stand, the 65-year-old had many in the audience pleasantly surprised at his mobility. Never one to be selfish, Bradley gave the Extraordinaires time to shine on their own too, leaving the stage so the audience could bear witness to a brief few moments of incredibly tight, flawless instrumental groove.

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