Century Thief "Science of Solace"

Century Thief "Science of Solace"
Century Thief will follow up 2015's Reverie with a sophomore full-length in 2018, but before full album details arrive, the band have teased us with another single.
"Science of Solace" will appear on the upcoming LP, along with previously shared single "You Are Here." Both tracks were recorded at a farmhouse in Madoc, ON, a few hours north of Toronto.
According to the band, the latest song is about "waking up submerged in a lake and deciding whether to return to the surface, to grow some gills and start a new life, or just sink into the next world."
The existential narrative is matched with upbeat indie rock instrumentation, buoyed with brass and woodwind flourishes and echoing layers of vocal harmonies.

Century Thief will be playing the new tune at their upcoming Toronto show at the Rivoli on October 24. Right now, though, give "Science of Solace" a listen in the player below.