Celtic Legacy Guardian Of Eternity

They’ve sent intimidating press packages around the world, no doubt in tribute to Celtic conquerors of the past. If you’ve ignored Celtic Legacy until now, you probably haven’t been checking the mail. Their music is folk-flavoured power metal, with lyrics centred on homeland mythology. Think Absu but with straighter faces and nowhere to go. Being from Ireland, there’s an appropriate Thin Lizzy reference at the start of each song (or Iron Maiden, for folks who haven’t put it together). The vocalist completes the cycle by doing his best Dickinson, albeit with fewer octaves and shakier footing. The riffing is competent and the lead work could start a few rumours. It’s the middles and ends that offer the biggest challenges. These are lengthy songs and unless you’re hanging on every word, your thoughts may turn to bills unpaid. But it’s not their fault; it’s yours. You shouldn’t have waited so long. (Lugga)