Cataract Kingdom

It’s hard to not appreciate Switzerland’s Cataract, what with the Slayer worship, the enjoyable bottomed-out hardcore breakdowns, and the good ethics, morals and lyrical content. But it’s also hard to get through a whole album without being bored senseless. Still, when the band kick in one of their grooves, such as in "Definition of the Sacred,” it’s hard to not be impressed by the power of it all. Kingdom sounds best on headphones, taking in a few songs at a time. The powerful vocals of Federico Carminitana are a bit monotonous but still completely commanding. This guy means business. This is a classic case of a band that’s incredibly solid at what they do and probably incredibly happy with it, especially now that they’re on board with one of metal’s longest-running labels. But it’s hard not to want more sometimes when the talent is so obvious. Though chances are good Cataract will never change, so who cares? Pick up Kingdom for one hell of a pummelling. (Metal Blade)