No Victim EP

CastratorNo Victim EP
Now that Castrator exists, it seems positively inconceivable that no one thought of it before. No Victim, the first EP from the all-woman death metal purveyors of brutality, is feminist revenge fantasy of the highest order. It's gleefully, humorously and unrepentantly misandrist in the best way imaginable, celebrating emasculation and other forms of dick-centered violence with genuine joy. But No Victim is also more than a goregrind bloodfest dedicated to slicing off wangs without cause; the rage behind the songs is rooted in a genuine political awareness, from the call for reproductive rights that inspires "Brood" and the white-hot fury against rape culture that fuels "The Emasculator."
Combine that with deeply, filthily satisfying riff structures and some powerful melodic solos, and Castrator are a band that feminist metal fans have long awaited. An international effort, Castrator brings together metal women from Colombia, Florida, Mexico, Massachusetts, Sweden and Norway. Their chemistry is undeniable and their concept is brilliant; I can't wait to hear what they release next. (Horror Pain Gore Death)
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