Carnal Forge Firedemon

Carnal Forge has mixed the best elements the Crown, Slayer, Destruction and the Haunted to create one of the best thrash albums in a while. Twelve songs that don't let up for a minute, from album opener "Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me" to closer "Revel In Violence," this a full-on thrash attack, bringing back fond '80s memories but with a nice modern production. It's not quite redefining things like the true modern-day Slayer the Haunted are, but I still recommend this one for anyone who likes it loud, fast and short, and for anyone who has a soft spot in their cold metal hearts for Schmier, the Banzai Records logo and the cassette format. I'm glad bands like Carnal Forge can have an eye to the future as well as a respect of the past. (Century Media)