Perfect Hair

BusdriverPerfect Hair
Perfect Hair opens with "Retirement Ode," which has a breakdown of how much the eighth offering from Los Angeles-based bohemian MC Busdriver cost. However tongue in cheek the itemization might seem, the oft-daunting economic cost of an uncompromising artistic message remains clear. But ducats be damned, Busdriver remains as dizzyingly literate a lyricist as ever. Admittedly, his arrhythmic and dense flow has the feel of a verbal flame-thrower, but that's not to say that the man born Regan Farquhar hasn't been able to deliver compelling material.

Perfect Hair is perhaps 'driver's most cohesive set to date thanks to a backdrop from producers associated with L.A.'s Brainfeeder label. The Mono/Poly produced "Upsweep" marries Farquhar's thick, stream of consciousness flow with lush, synth-soaked futuristic R&B and "Motion Lines" furthers the album's idiosyncratic base with a nocturnal electro-chill. Danny Brown and Aesop Rock are along for the ride on the six-minute team-up of "Ego Death," and Jeremy Jae's industrial beat is the perfect canvas for this unholy trio of verbal assassins to rhyme unchecked. A few duds abound, like the wearisome "Eat The Rich," but the album ends strongly with the sci-fi-flavoured "Colonize the Moon." (Big Dada)
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