Brutal Truth / Murder Squad / Forever Annihilating the Obese Annex Wreckroom, Toronto ON April 24

Brutal Truth / Murder Squad / Forever Annihilating the Obese Annex Wreckroom, Toronto ON April 24
Photo: Denise Falzon
After a decade-long hiatus, Brutal Truth re-emerged onto the grindcore scene with incredible force. Following the release of their highly anticipated new album Evolution Through Revolution, the NYC grinders showed Toronto fans that they're back and that they've still got it.

Opening bands Forever Annihilating the Obese and Murder Squad started the night off with extreme energy. Oshawa ON's FATO provided an intense grindcore set with incredibly solid drumming and guitar work, especially showcased in their tune "Hearing Aid Cookie Cutter."

Up next were the Torontonians in Murder Squad who have a sound all their own. The band infuse their metal with heavy doses of hardcore punk and still manages to be brutal. Beginning with "To Ashes You'll Return," Murder Squad's set was filled with the attitude of old school punk and the ferocity of metal. The band also threw in tunes from their latest split EP Rising Crust, including "Destructive Not Productive" and "Relationship of Bacteria," which ended their dynamic set.

But the night belonged to the resurrected Brutal Truth and the energy in the venue went to an all-time high as soon as the band hit the stage. Their set was divided into two parts as they first performed the entire Evolution Through Revolution album and then 12 of their old songs, including "Birth of Ignorance" from 1992's Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, "Turn Face" from 1994's Need To Control, as well as tunes from 1996's Kill Trend Suicide. Brutal Truth were downright grimy and aggressive throughout their set.

New guitarist Erick Burke brought great force to the band's live performance, while legendary bassist Dan Lilker (ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, S.O.D.) made the audience experience what true grind is all about - visceral intensity. Drummer Rich Hoak was on point and vocalist Kevin Sharp was constantly in your face, making everyone in the venue feel the presence of greatness.