Bruce Springsteen Launching Official Bootleg Series via USB Wristbands

Bruce Springsteen Launching Official Bootleg Series via USB Wristbands
Bruce Springsteen is known as one of the most legendary live performers in rock history, so many fans will doubtless be delighted to learn that the Boss is following in the footsteps of groups like Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phish by launching an official bootleg series. This will mean that a upcoming shows will be made available as live albums.

An update on Springsteen's official Twitter account explains, "Coming soon: fans will be able to purchase USB wristbands online and on tour & pick 1 live to show to download starting w/1.26 in Cape Town... Shows will be available to download within approx. 48 hrs. after the concert ends. Online orders begin next week. Stay tuned for more info!"

The wristbands will also apparently be available at venues. Above is a photo of what the items look like [via]. They look very similar to the ones Matchbox 20 have been selling; Rob Thomas apparently inspired Springsteen to launch the program.

Springsteen told NPR [via Rolling Stone], "I'd like to get an archival series going in some way. I'd like to make things more available through the internet. The internet has become our friend... I think we live more in a Grateful Dead touring idea that everything you do is recorded now. And that's okay with me, you know. As a matter of fact, I believe on this tour, we're starting to do something like you can come in, you can buy a [wrist]band, you can get a copy of the night's show. So hopefully we're gonna do that at a really nice-quality level."

Unfortunately, the songwriter doesn't yet have any Canadian tour dates booked, since the bulk of his schedule is taking place in the southern hemisphere in the coming weeks. Hopefully North American shows will be booked soon, since he is supporting the newly released High Hopes.