Broken Social Scene to Play Four Toronto In-Stores This Sunday

Broken Social Scene to Play Four Toronto In-Stores This Sunday
So everyone is getting all excited about Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record, with there being box sets, special add-on EPs, Letterman appearances and all that jazz. Well, if you live in Toronto, ON, here's something else to get excited about: the band are getting ready to play four live performances in four Toronto record stores, all in one day.

On Sunday (May 9), BSS will play at Criminal Records, then hop over to Rotate This and perform, whip over to Soundscapes for a set and finish off the day playing at Sonic Boom. According to the band's website, the four shows will be "four unique performances," so, yes, the BSS faithful could go to each one and catch a different set, by the sounds of it. However, we imagine those are going to be some busy appearances, so it might be more strategic to just camp out at one and enjoy it, then go home (and listen to the record over and over again, no doubt).

The band have a lot of non-Canadian touring lined up from now until September; check here for dates. Toronto fans, you're in luck again, as the only Canuck date in there is June 19 at Toronto Island Concert.

Forgiveness Rock Record will be released on Tuesday (May 4) via Arts & Crafts.

Here's the Toronto in-store schedule:

2 p.m. Criminal Records - 493 Queen Street West

4 p.m. Rotate This - 801 Queen Street West

6 p.m. Soundscapes - 572 College Street

8 p.m. Sonic Boom - 512 Bloor Street West