Breezy Lovejoy Lovejoy

Breezy LovejoyLovejoy
First featured on this summer's TiRon & Ayomari-led, collective spotlighting HNGRY release, street-slick R&B man Breezy Lovejoy wheels out an immediately impressive repertoire of bass- and rhythm-focused backdrops topped with his distinct season-player vocals on new disc Lovejoy. The singer's uniquely divided drum patterns play a leading role throughout, whether softening neck tissue on cuts like bass-heavy standouts "Turnips" and "Ms. Parker" or holding things down with both jazzy and more straight-ahead fair in "Home Going" and "Straight Jacket," respectively. Breezy's cooled-out delivery and sharp lyricism emit an admirable, unshakable swagger, demonstrated most favourably on the aforementioned, half-rapped "Ms. Parker" and the auspiciously funky "Too Familiar," where the singer best displays his notable soul credentials. The sonic pairing of synthesized keys, bass and effects with a wealth of live instrumentation and padding backing vocals helps carry this production over the top, making for a surprisingly well-rounded and well-conceived offering from the Cali-based up-and-comer. (Independent)