Borealis World of Silence

BorealisWorld of Silence
Sounding more Euro than Orangeville, debut album World of Silence from Borealis is a solid and persuasive onrush of melody and power. The record makes its first real claim for attention with clear baritone vocals belting out dramatic lyrics in an overdriven power metal style. But World of Silence soon shifts the focus to its instrumental matrix, one heavy in classic, chugging riffs, virtuosic and expressive leads, symphonic keys and a hammering rhythm section. Trace tones of progressive metal and fervent ballad interludes embellish Borealis's sound, along with occasional (and too infrequent) backing vocal tracks. At the end of it all, ten songs sound like just enough, but barely. Borealis reasonably associate themselves with bands like Sonata Arctica and Kamelot but with World of Silence, they've established a strong foundation for evolving their distinct style. (Independent)