Blue Sky Black Death A Heap of Broken Images

Trip-hop — what a concept! In the place of lyrics, you’ve got… moody electronics! It’s like trippy hip-hop. I hope it catches on. Sarcasm aside, this is pretty good. Rolling drums, percussive squabbles, and random nostalgic and/or mock epic vocal samples — you could play this on the way back from accidentally having your first gay experience, or from attending your 10-year high school reunion on acid, or just simply getting stoned on a rooftop and watching the summer roll past. The second CD with old guys like Guru and Pep love, plus indie honkers like Awol One and Rob Sonic should be better if I’m going to be such a dick about trip-hop, but it isn’t. It’s boring. Based on this CD, I’m prepared to offer this generalisation: rap is dead and trip-hop’s going to tear up the charts! (Mush)