Blue Rodeo Offshoot the Swallows Get Demystified in March

Blue Rodeo Offshoot the Swallows Get <i>Demystified</i> in March
Not to be confused with the early '90s shoegaze band Swallow or the alt-blues band from Minnesota, Toronto's the Swallows are fronted by Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem. On March 1, Milchem and co. will release their fourth album, Demystified, via Magnetic Angel.

This will be the follow-up to 2006's Awkward Situation. According to a press release, the album was originally conceived as a "sonically diverse, acoustic-based record." The album soon evolved into something rockier, however, with various contributors being called in to provide backing for Milchem's songs. Of course, Milchem still did the majority of the album himself, with help from co-producer Carl Petzelt at Twang Recordings.

Among the tracks included on the album are "Shoot Out Sparks," a love song for Milchem's wife, and "Outside the Wire," which was inspired by Blue Rodeo's trip to Afghanistan to perform for the troops. The former is a noisy riff rocker that can be downloaded for free right here.

The Swallows will throw a release party for Demystified on March 3 at the Piston in Toronto.