Blimp Rock "My Mind Is a Shark" (video)

Blimp Rock "My Mind Is a Shark" (video)
Snarky Toronto indie rockers Blimp Rock continued flying towards their dream of throwing "the world's first blimp-based music festival over Lake Ontario" with the release of Sophomore Slump earlier this year, and now they've shared another video clip from that album.
"My Mind Is a Shark" follows the delightfully cheeky video for "Let's All Stay in Tonight" and features animation by Parker Bryant. A statement from the band describes the clip as "a tribute to those of us who have busy brains."
Not to fear, though — Blimp Rock are here to help you dial down the racing thoughts and hopefully take your mind off of things for a few minutes.
"Whether your head is filled with to do-list items, social media statuses or blimp specifications, it's safe to say there are no shortage of ways for things to get crowded in the ole' noggin," the statement continues. "Blimp Rock invites you to add yet another thing to the pile while hoping that it somehow lightens the load."
Kick back, relax and let the new clip for "My Mind Is a Shark" replace some of the other junk floating around in your brain.