Black Mountain

Black Mountain (10th Anniversary Reissue)

Black MountainBlack Mountain (10th Anniversary Reissue)
This reissue, ten years after Black Mountain originally released their debut album, doubles down on the best parts of the record. The bonus tracks include a hypnotic extended cut of "Druganaut," drawing out the bass grooves in the intro and adding an awful lot of synth and organ noise. The new release also includes an equally long "Buffalo Swan," which clocks in at just over nine minutes and builds from a quiet psych tune into an all out onslaught of sound in the last two minutes.
Similar to the original release, Black Mountain ends up being an consistently excellent album that unfortunately suffers from a few duds on the back end, such as when the beautiful acoustic demo of "Black Mountain" isn't really given the breathing room it deserves due to the noisy, unnecessary live version of "No Satisfaction." Sure, it misses here and there, but when Black Mountain hits, it's a timeless record, and it's definitely worthy of a reissue. (Jagjaguwar)
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