Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum

Repetitive psych rock that should have trippy, slow motion videos to accommodate each song is what comes to mind after listening to Dandelion Gum. Mainly instrumental, the album is an interesting take on electronic and techno as it morphs into pop, showcasing the build-up of layers of sound, using sirens, synthesisers and some digitised voices. This 17-song album was created over a three-year span, which might explain why its slightly long but at the same time, elucidates why each song is so complex, pulling in and out of one unique pulsation after the next. With each song generating a different mood, it’s almost like being hypnotised for 50 minutes by harmonious electric drills pushing into a blank plank. This is an escape album, bringing you into a cyclical bearing as simple beats repeat and repeat and repeat. (Graveface)