Bitcrush Shimmer and Fade

Mike Cadoo (n5MD label founder and the man currently behind Bitcrush) is back on the radar with the re-release of 2005’s Shimmer and Fade, an ambient, emotional album that struggles a bit with its identity. The disc paints a very sullen landscape with tracks like "The Missing,” which starts with that dark, post-industrial electro sound before sliding into a slower atmospheric gait, and "Waiting for Something,” which is infused with melodic arrangements and ghostly vocals. Shimmer and Fade falters quite a bit though, as with the awkward and out of place, heavy unaccompanied bass that opens "Have You Lost Your Way?” prior to the rolling vocals and percussion. The four bonus tracks don’t add much overall besides a quizzically raised eyebrow for "The Missing (Alt Version).” If there’s a difference between the original and the alternate version, besides the latter being nearly a minute shorter and using an ever so slightly heavier beat, I’m still searching for it. (n5MD)