Bison B.C., Barn Burner and Titan Lead Metal Blade's CMW Showcase

Bison B.C., Barn Burner and Titan Lead Metal Blade's CMW Showcase
Lately, "CMW" seems to have become a misnomer for homegrown indie acts. So to remind everyone how hardcore Canadian music can be, we here at Exclaim! have teamed up with Metal Blade Records for their first ever Canadian Music Week showcase.

Rocking the Queen West grunge, the Bovine Sex Club will be reverberating with noisy energy when the bands take over this Friday (March 12). Ontarians Assassinate the Following, Starring Janet Leigh and Titan bookend the night. They'll be joined by Aeternam, blazing from last month's successful release of their folk-influenced metal debut, Disciples of the Unseen.

Then, Montreal's Barn Burner plan to rattle the showcase at midnight. These relative newbs to Metal Blade should be caught while they're still on home turf. After March, the next time you'll have a shot to see them will be on their upcoming European tour . See below for our recent episode of Garageland where Exclaim! TV catches up with the boys outside Sneaky Dee's in Toronto.

Until recently, Metal Blade kept the showcase headliner under wraps, but it's now official: Bison B.C. will pound the crowd relentlessly. Odds are CMWers will get an exclusive showing of tracks off their new album, Dark Ages, which won't be released for another month (April 13).

CMW line-up for March 12 @ the Bovine Sex Club:

Assassinate the Following
Starring Janet Leigh
Barn Burner
Bison B.C.