Biohazard New World Disorder

New World Disorder is another Biohazard record, which means, depending on how you feel about the band, either another in a long line of fine heavy duty stomp-core classics or a formulaic piece of crap. In fact, it's a bit of both. Without deviating from the formula that has worked so well for them over the last 12 years and four studio albums, the band manages to come up with enough grunting primal riffery and pissed-at-those-who-are-fucking-up-the-world lyrics to fill 14 songs. Like most of their previous efforts, the tracks tend to blend together as one relentless track that can become mighty tedious after a while. The only real curve ball comes on the album's title track, which features some guest raps from Sticky Fingaz. But even that's nothing really groundbreaking for Biohazard, having previously worked with Onyx and Cypress Hill. It's simply a welcome break from Evan and Billy's incessant barking. (Mercury)