Billie Joe Armstrong's Family Band the Boo Announce 7-inch

Billie Joe Armstrong's Family Band the Boo Announce 7-inch
There's still an aura of mystery around this one, but it appears as if Green Day guitarist/vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong has started a band with his wife and kids called the Boo.

News of the group broke via Adrienne Armstrong's Twitter page, with a post that simply read "The family band ❤" and featured a link to a pic of what is seemingly the group's debut seven-inch. You can check out the artwork, which finds the husband and wife sitting alongside their two children, Joey and Jakob, up above.

As for the lineup, we're going to guess that since she's clutching an old-timey microphone, Adrienne sings in the band. Joey plays drums in up-and-coming pop punkers Emily's Army, so he'll likely hold down the throne. Jakob's holding onto a six-string, so this could mean that Billie Joe, sporting some serious bug-eye shades in the pic, will handle low-end duties.

It's unclear just when the record will come out, or who will release it, but considering Billie Joe and Adrienne co-own Adeline Records, we wouldn't be surprised if the punk rock Partridge Family's debut platter pop up on the imprint sometime soon.

UPDATE: In other Green Day-related news, the band will release a live album called On the Radio on January 30 in the UK, capturing a live performance at WMFU FM in 1992. You can get more information about the release here.