Big Harp White Hat

Big HarpWhite Hat
Perhaps it's the speed with which it was recorded ― just three days ― or maybe it's the fact that this is another of those husband-wife bands, but White Hat just oozes charm. Comprised of Chris Senseney and Stefanie Drootin (from another Saddle Creek band, the Good Life), Big Harp came to be after the couple had been together for three years, got married and had a couple of kids. It was only then they decided to work together musically, and it turns out it was well worth the wait. With a ramshackle, folky, country vibe running throughout, White Hat is a great collection of simple but effective songs. The uncluttered arrangements leave plenty of room for Senseney's marbles-in-his-mouth vocals, which are perfectly suited for his brand of storytelling. There's more than a touch of Nick Cave in his howls and yelps, and when Drootin gets in on the action they really do make sweet music together. (Saddle Creek)