Betty Who

Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto ON, June 18

Betty WhoVirgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto ON, June 18
Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald
Betty Who is not yet a star of the stature of former tourmates Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, but if she never reaches those heights it won't be for lack of energy or charisma. Taking the stage in front of a packed audience of very enthusiastic fans, the Australian singer bounced and danced and jumped her way through the high points from her promising debut LP, the underrated Take Me When You Go, pausing only for some funny and delightfully down-to-earth banter ("Thirsty Thursdays, am I right?").
While nothing matched the thrilling, ebullient "Somebody Loves You," a viral hit back in 2013 that remains Who's calling card, the nostalgic "Night to Remember," the bittersweet "Heartbreak Dream" and the booming, infectious "Glory Days" were nearly its equal on this night. Who's eagerness to please and engage the audience occasionally got the better of her — a rote game of "Which side is louder?" stalled the show's momentum after the rush of "High Society" — but the nine-song set was a reminder that it would be a shame if a performer of Who's charm and personality got lost in the shuffle of generic radio dance-pop.
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