Ben Frost V A R I A N T

Ben FrostV A R I A N T
Ben Frost is generally not the most dance floor-ready of electronic artists, though his most recent work, A U R O R A, diverts some of his hard-edged energy into beat-driven tracks. This five-track EP detaches a few fragments of Frost's latest album and takes them in very different directions. A trio of artists reimagine "Venter" in very disparate ways: Evian Christ keeps the menacing tone of the original but overlays enough drum claps and slow grooves to make it slinky; Dutch E Germ concentrates on spot-welding jagged edges of noise into a pattern that eventually collapses and shudders to a halt; HTRK pursue the future-gothic pulse of deep, muted drum pads and creepy synth tones, keeping things minimal and haunted.

Kanding Ray turns "No Sorrowing," a hissing ambient original track, into a surprisingly bombastic 4/4 stomper. Regis' remix of "Nolan" stays truest to the original, lowering the bass into a cistern of echo and infusing even more steam into the radiator atmosphere. This is energetic and essential listening. (Mute)