Beat Connection Reveal 'Product 3' LP for Anti-, Share New Video

Beat Connection Reveal 'Product 3' LP for Anti-, Share New Video
Seattle-based electro-pop outfit Beat Connection released their proper debut album The Palace Garden back in 2012, and now the band have unveiled plans to follow it up with a new record this fall.
The sophomore full-length will be called Product 3 (likely thanks to their self-released 2010 effort Surf Noir), and it is due out on October 23 via Anti-.
A press release notes that the new songs are "sometimes jubilant" and "sometimes downcast," both in sound and meaning, and hear the band embracing a more focused approach to making music.
"The name Product 3 started as a joke," said Reed Juenger. "This band is our business; the products are ourselves and our songs, the art, unifying all those and also being accepting of the idea of presenting it to the audience. It's a little tongue-in-cheek but it is serious at the same time."
He elaborated: "I don't think anything that is super important to you, like this band is to all of us, can come fully out of satire. We're all into pop music, and I'm incredibly proud of these songs, but sometimes when we're writing it's like, 'Where's the line, how do you make pop music that's not just Top 40 radio pop music?' So that was the exploration."
That exploration found the group toying with ideas that find a "middle ground," though sonically, the songs incorporate "huge peaks and down-tempo changes, carved-out niches, wide-open spaces, and syncopated rhythms."
The first example of Beat Connection's newfound exploratory pop sound can be heard on new single "So Good." Scroll past the album's tracklisting to watch the accompanying poolside visuals for the new track in the player below.
Product 3:
1. Hesitation
2. Another Go Round
3. Thought Through
4. The Effort
5. Ad Space
6. Illusion
7. So Good
8. Reality TV
9. Air Conditioning
10. Rosealene
11. I Hope You Know