Beach House "Wishes" (video)

Beach House 'Wishes' (video)
Still promoting last year's senses-flooding Bloom, Baltimore dream pop favourites Beach House have now served up a truly bizarre, sporty clip for the album's "Wishes."

Set at some sort of outdoor high school game, the vid stars actor Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Robocop) as a track-suited coach pumping up the crowd by belting out the anthemic yet ethereal cut. We get glimpses of equine-masked fans rallying in the stands, shots of pole-holding athletes getting squirted with water bottles on the sidelines, and some blade- and light-saber-twirling cheerleaders gyrating across the field.

Brilliantly, the video's steady build up of jiggling pom-pom skirts, explosive fireworks display and steed-celebrating actually ends with the pre-game ritual.

"Beach House, Ray Wise, fireworks, and horses. How can I go wrong?" director Eric Wareheim said in a statement. "This is the first project that I've ever collaborated creatively with the band. Victoria [Legrand]'s imagery inspired me to create this special half time show. It also helps that Beach House is literally on my top five list of bands, ever."

Witness the weirdness down below.