Beach Fossils Clash the Truth

Beach FossilsClash the Truth
Dustin Payseur has luck on his side. Just hours before Hurricane Sandy ravaged NYC, the Beach Fossils frontman finished his second album in a studio that was eventually destroyed. This was fresh off guitarist Zachary Cole Smith and bassist John Pena leaving to pursue their projects: DIIV and Heavenly Beat, respectively. Astonishingly, without those talents, Payseur is at his strongest, as Clash the Truth is easily the best thing he's done so far. Inspired by his passion for '80s UK hardcore, Payseur has instilled more urgency into his songs, which don't fully embrace nihilism, but show more raw aggression in his wistful songwriting than previously. The riffs are anthemic and beguiling, beginning with the "Pretty Vacant"-biting title track and continuing through the rollicking "Careless," which sounds like early Ride. Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino assists Payseur on the sprawling "In Vertigo," with quixotic harmonies that'll leave you wanting an entire album from the duo. Polishing the lo-fi edges of their debut and strong-arming the dream pop of their What A Pleasure EP, Beach Fossils have found a balance that's better than anyone could have hoped for. (Captured Tracks)