Bat for Lashes Two Suns

Bat for LashesTwo Suns
Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes) hasn't quite doubled the heat of her brilliant Fur and Gold debut with Two Suns but her grand vision is further illuminated. Shattering any shaky sophomore worries right out of the gate, album opener "Glass," with its majestic melody and tastefully busy drumming, is at least as strong as the peaks of Khan's prior work. "Daniel," the album's first single, may give pause to fans of BFL's more acoustic-centric production. Drenched in synths, programmed beats and sugary melodies, the track is catchier than an STD from Britney Spears's car seat. It may have been helpful to drop such a pop diversion a little later on the disc, to ease the listeners into the blend of organic and digital sounds that create such gauzy gothic heat elsewhere on the disc, like the gorgeous rave-up of "Pearl's Dream." Keeping the grow lights on her fantastic composing instincts should ensure that the whole world sees Khan's batting lashes before long. (Parlophone)