Barn Owl Announce 'V'

Barn Owl Announce 'V'
Last year, Barn Owl member Evan Caminiti spread his wings and issued his Dreamless Sleep solo LP, but he's now back with bandmate Jon Porras to deliver their next LP, V. The album arrives April 16 via Thrill Jockey.

A press release notes that the duo recorded the set last summer with Phil Manley (Trans Am, Oneida) at LCR studios in San Francisco. Apparently the act utilized a "huge timbral range of synthesizers" to further beef up their hazy guitar and vocal soundscapes. Opener "Void Redux" is said to home in on spectral synthesizer sounds, massive bass tones and static, while "The Opulent Decline" came into the studio as a 30-minute improve piece but was restructured into a comparatively trim 17-minute opus.

"It was our goal to harness the fluidity and unpredictability of improvisation within considered arrangements," Porras said in a statement of the sessions. "Special care was taken to convey the ever-changing flow through each piece, a continually shifting set of colors and textures and atmospheres."

V is Barn Owl's fifth album and first since 2011's Lost in the Glare. You can check out a live performance of "Void Redux" just beneath the impending LP's tracklisting.


1. Void Redux

2. The Long Shadow

3. Against the Night

4. Blood Echo

5. Pacific Isolation

6. The Opulent Decline

Barn Owl - Void Redux (Live at Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary) from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.