Bantam Rooster The Cross and the Switchblade

This is album number two for this Detroit drum and guitar two-piece, and it’s just as strong as their Deal Me In debut disc, despite the fact that original drummer Eric Cook has been replaced by new drummer Mike Alonso. Other noticeable changes include a higher fidelity production job by Ghetto Recorders’ Jim Diamond, and the inclusion of a gospel inspired slow song entitled “New Life.” The rest of the record blazes and squeals along in the usually great Bantam Rooster fashion, mixing blues and garage punk into a distinctive and explosive cocktail. T. Jackson Potter’s tight, frenzied guitar playing and yelping vocals drive the album along and it’s on winners like “Safe Cracker,” “Tom Skinner” and “Outta My Mind” that he really lets loose. This record is a must for any fans of rockabilly/blues-influenced punk rock. (Crypt)